The National Aerospace Laboratory NLR in the Netherlands is a non-profit technological research institute performing applied aerospace research on areas such as aerospace vehicles, aircraft systems and applications, air traffic management, and related research. The activities include concept development, system technology, advanced information processing, and planning, human factors, and simulation.



Capodichino International Airport is located about 7km from central Naples in the Capodichino district, Italy. It is owned and operated by Gestione Servizi Aeroporto Capodichino (GESAC), which is partially owned by BAA. GESAC was the first airport management company to be privatised in Italy. The airport handles about five million passengers a year. It serves several domestic and international airlines such as Air Canada, Aer Lingus, Air One, Delta, Airdolomiti and Air Europe.

The airport began commercial operations in 1950. GESAC was established in 1980 to administer the airport. In 1995, GESAC partnered with BAA for a 20-year development plan. As of January 2010, GESAC has invested €209m. In March 2003 GESAC took over the management of the airport from the City Council under a 40 year license.



The ENAC (Ecole National de l'Aviation Civile) university is France’s main aviation university, located in Toulouse in the heart of Europe's Aerospace Valley. ENAC trains key civil aviation personnel in synergy with businesses in the sector. The ENAC University is part of the aeronautical world which is, by nature, international. ENAC is a provider of high quality education and hence, its students are able to access professional careers, which are necessarily associated with international activities. The ENAC University was founded in 1949.

Since then, ENAC has made international cooperation and exchange one of its primary missions. More than 60 years later, ENAC can pride itself on its 12,000 international alumni and former trainees from nearly 100 countries, on 5 continents.