Who we are

The Airport Capacity Forecast (ACF) project will investigate the use of forecast information on airport capacity, which will allow airport stakeholders to optimize the use of their resources. ACF is carried out by a consortium of three: NLR in the Netherlands, GESAC in Italy and ENAC in France. ACF is funded under the SESAR WP-E (Long Term and Innovative Research) program, managed by EUROCONTROL.

The ACF project will cover airport airside and airport landside elements and will provide airport capacity predictions for a certain period ahead. The forward horizon will depend on the available information and the corresponding timing; typically ACF aims at a time horizon of one hour to two days as this time frame will allow sufficient accuracy of the predictions to provide sufficient quality increase for coordination and planning.


Final presentation The ACF project was finished with a final presentation for EC, SESAR and EUROCONTROL in Brussles (May 12th) and a final workshop with participation from airports and industry on April 23rd .